People have the perception that only human beings sing songs and create music. If they paid closer attention and listened, they would find out that nature creates music on its own, sometimes utilizing the same scales, rhythms, and harmonies, as humans do.


Puigcerdà [ˌpujsərˈða]) is the capital of the Catalan Comarca of Cerdanya, in the province of Girona, Catalonia, northern Spain, near the river Segre and the border with France.

Puigcerdà is located near the site of a Cerretani settlement, which was incorporated into Roman territory. The Roman town was named Julia Libyca.

Puigcerdà was founded in 1178 by King Alfonso I of Aragon, Count of Barcelona.  The town is situated in a beautiful valley that is 1,230 meters high, on the top of a mountain, that looks over the Cerdanya of which it is the capital. It is surrounded by mountains of up to 3.000 meters high and there are more than 10 Catalan, French and Andorran ski resorts in reach within a radius of 50km. At the center of the old section of town stands a tower which is from a destroyed church. 

Its population of about 8.000 habitants multiplies in summer and winter with visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty of la Cerdanya, the sports, the shops, the astronomical observation and the wide range of services that honour the region.

The village of Puigcerdà, located in a wide terrace that dominates the Segre river, is a significant commercial centre, having also excellent accommodations. Throughout the parish there are several restaurants. In the shops of Puigcerdà you will find everything from the typical sausage of the country to the latest fashion trends. It is a center of great commercial vitality and tourism.

An artificial lake with the Schierbeck Park, constructed in c. XIX, is other beautiful place to visit. Not to mention the beautiful nature and mountain sports.

Breathtaking Natural Beauty

Located 45 minutes from Puigcerdà, Andorra la Vella offers you several specialised commercial thoroughfares where you can enjoy your shopping days.

The main street and adjacent streets in the capital actually constitute a vast open-air shopping centre. Here, visitors can find the most exclusive articles, the latest products to hit the world market and the most surprising specialities, all at unbeatable prices. The shops and stores of Andorra la Vella await to offer you a truly amazing, practically infinite range of goods.

Andorra Shopping

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