• Accommodation includes full room and board at the Puigcerda Hotel in Puigcerdà.

  •  Staff is comprised of World-Renowned Musicians.

  • 4 Private Lessons. 

  • Studio Master Classes.

  • Rehearsals.

  • Concerts in the most prestigious and exclusive Halls in     La Cerdanya.

  • Day tour (+ lunch).


Price for Students - € 1,986

Information for transfers:


Bank Address:


Major, 13

17520 Puigcerda, Spain



Bank Account:

Fundacio Yablonsky

IBAN: ES42 0182 2815 11 0201 662661





Bank Account 


  • In addition to the master classes, lessons and concerts, interested students are invited to register to the Chamber Music Institute.

  • Students will be preassigned to a chamber music ensembles, will receive four additional chamber music coaching sessions and rehearsals, and will perform in festival concerts. 

  • Individual students as well as pre-formed groups are welcome to apply.  

Chamber Music Institute -  € 2,136
Application Form

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  • Accommodation include full room and board at the Puigcerda Hotel in Puigcerdà.

  • Staff is comprised of World-Renowned Musicians.

  • Observers are invited to visit Lessons, Sessions, Master Classes of each professor and student.

  • Free tickets for all the Concerts.

  • Day tour (+ lunch).

  • Observers can do many sports and activities such as: 

    • Swimming (Ticket costs 4,50€)

    • Tennis (Ticket costs 4,50 €)

    • Ice Skating (Ticket costs 6,70€)

    • Horse back riding (25€) 

    • Golf

    • Caldea Spa (Andorra)

Price for Observers - € 1,383

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(minors only) 










The total fee has to be paid by June 30, 2022. Bank transfer costs have to paid by participants.


The "Application Form" must be submitted.  The Bank Deposit Statement, which must indicate the name of the student must be sent to puigcerdafestival@gmail.com


The "Authorization Form" (for minors only) from the parent or legal guardian must be fill in and sent to puigcerdafestival@gmail.com


The organization reserves the right to cancel the course and promises to inform the applicants in advance and return the fee.


If a participant needs to cancel his/her participation in the festival, the fee will be reimbursed in full before July 15th, 2022. After July 15th, 2022 the fee will NOT be reimbursed. 


The organization assumes no responsibility for personal injury, property damage, or loss of any kind. Admission to the course implies acceptance of these conditions.