Professor Bao Huiqiao - Piano

Bao Huiqiao is one of the most well-known pianists in China. She was the soloist at the China symphony Orchestra from 1970 until retirement. She is also the holder of the special government allowance. At an early age, she showed special musical talent and transferred into the Middle School attached to the Central Conservatory of Music when she was 13. Later, she finished undergraduate and graduate studies and got the Master degree at the Central Conservatory of music under the guidance and help of Prof. Zhu Gongyi and Prof. Tatiana Kravchenko, who was the Vice-President of the Leningrad Conservatory of Music.


During the years of her university study, she won numerous prizes both nationally and internationally, including the 1st Prize in Performance of Chinese works Competition in 1960; 5th Prize in the 2nd George Enescu International Piano Competition in 1961; 1st Prize in the National Selective Competition of China in 1964 and Chopin Competition in 1965; Best Performance Prize in the 4th National Competition for Music Compositions in 1985 and “The Golden CD prize” issued by the China Recording Company in 1992 etc.

As a pianist, besides her frequent concert tours all over the China, she has also performed in more than twenty countries abroad, such as Austria, Japan, Singapore, Romania, Chile, Israel etc., and received very high acclaim. In 1991, she toured the East European countries with the Artists’ Delegation for recitals and concerts as the president of this delegation. 

She has been on the jury of nearly all the most important piano competitions in China and has invited to be on the panel of many international piano competitions, including Dr. Louis Sigall International Piano Competition in Chile(1987), Arthur Rubinstein International Piano Master Competition in Israel,(1989)Bucharest Music Festival in Rumania(2004) Jaen International Piano Competition in Spain(2007), the 11th Unisa International Piano Competition  in South Africa (2008),The 12th Taipei International Chopin piano Competition in Taiwai (2008),The fourth Tibilisi International Piano Competition in Georgia ( 2009),The 7th Seoul International Music Compwtition in South Korea (2011)  and The Leeds International Piano Competition in England (2012).

She is now the adviser of the China Musicians’ Association. The American Biographical Institute nominated her as one of the “500 Successful Performing Artists”.


Prof. Bao Hui-qiao is also the author of the book “Interviewing Other Famous Pianists throughout the World”. The Book I and II have been published.  She is also the editor of the “New way of learning” piano education series and published a number of CDs.