Alexander Trio -


The violinist Nitai Zori, cellist Ella Toovy and pianist Michal Tal are the founding members  of the Alexander Trio, named after the late violinist Alexander Tal (1932-2005) Michal's father, an important figure in Israeli musical life in the sixties and seventies of the last century, a founding member of the New Israeli String Quartet and the Israeli Chamber Ensemble.  This Musical collaboration is a natural continuation of the rich experience of its members in all realms of chamber music playing, and following many years of close partnership between Nitai Zori and Michal Tal on concert stages in violin and piano recitals.


The trio's inaugural concert in Tel Aviv was well received by the audience and warmly reviewed by the press: "When you say 'chamber music' this (concert) is exactly what you mean: the foundation on which this medium is built, the complexity and finesse in combining cello and violin with the piano, the endless and impossible search for the independence and equality of the three instruments, and to what it requires: concentration, endless work, and listening, from the players as from the audience… the three brought all their confidence, all their musicality and their ability to make music right there, in front of the audience, in the moment, with three-way communication without words." (Noam Ben-Ze'ev, Ha'aretz, February 2014)


Since its foundation, the trio is regularly invited to perform in concert series and festivals in Israel and abroad, its performances broadcasted on the radio. The trio is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport. Except the wide repertoire for piano trio the Alexander trio performs also works written especially for the group and collaborates frequently with guest players, expanding to wider ensembles, as well as investing in cultivating chamber music among the younger generation.


The trio repertoire ranges from the traditional piano trio literature to works by Israeli composers, and other contemporary composers, some of them are commissioned by trio or written especially for its members.