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Received her M.A. from the Music Academy in Odessa (the Ukraine) under the supervision of Prof. Ludmila Ginzburg.


Since 1992 she has been teaching at the Conservatory of the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance and since 2008 at the External Studies Institute.


She has performed in many concerts in Israel and in Ukraine.


She has 35 years of teaching experience. Her students are the prize winners of many competitions and festivals.


Asya Yampolsky is invited frequently to give master-classes as well as judge in national and international piano competitions.




I have been learning with Asya Yampolsky for 3.5 years via the Jerusalem Music Academy's External Studies division. Asya is an inspirational and extremely dedicated teacher. While she strives for perfection and professionalism in her lessons, she also offers an enriching insight and musical taste when it comes to piano performance, through her enormous experience. WIth her help and guidance I was able to audition and be accepted to the piano performance program in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


Enmanuelle Alfonso​

My son Amir, who is now 18 years old, has been learning piano under the tutelage of Mrs. Asia Yampolski for the past 12 years starting when he was five years old. Throughout this period, Mrs. Yampolski, who is highly qualified, has been dedicated, diligent and most loyal. She, with her advanced skills and long experience was able to implant the love for the piano in Amir's heart. Under her tutelage, Amir was able to win the first place in five piano competitions and to participate with distinction in many piano concerts.


Any student would be most fortunate to have the opportunity to learn playing piano under her direction. Mrs. Yampolski has the skill and energy necessary to develop a sense of enjoyment and the passion for music with love and creativity.


Salah Alyn

"Wonderful, meticulous teacher. Asya brings out the musical ability in each of my children." "We've had piano teachers before, but never one like Asya, who makes sure my child has the proper technique and offers the highest quality instruction." "I'm so very blessed to have Asya teach my children. My son adores her and is motivated to practice and progress in his music." "Asya makes sure my son understands and appreciates the music he is playing. There is no other teacher like her." I am so pleased to write as many complements as I can or your website. I am very grateful for your incredible, hard work with all of my children.

Chana Selmon

Asya Yasmpolsky, Piano