Residencies give our students the opportunity to travel to a new places, meet and reconnect with friends, and participate in rehearsals, coachings and performances with their mentors. 

General Information

The course will last for several days 9th-21st August, in which classes and concerts by both, students and teachers, will take place. The classes will be open for anyone who wishes to attend as a listener.


The course is aimed for students of all ages and levels. Younger students will have the opportunity to listen in on classes of the higher level students, and experience an enriching and motivating musical environment. In addition, students who wish to focus on chamber music will be accepted to promote interaction among musicians.


All students have the right to use the classrooms of Music School Issi Fabra during scheduled class hours and may attend as listeners.


The students will have a welcoming reception at the Hotel Puigcerdà at 7 o’clock on August 9th, where they will receive the schedule and course information.