Life is like a musical instrument… What you get out of it depends on how you play it. 


At Puigcerda Festival students of all ages have been taking Master Class lessons for over 10 years. Over the years I have had the pleasure of teaching and guiding students whose goals included a professional music career and who simply wanted to experience the joy and benefits of playing the cello.


There are many reasons be a participant in Master Class. 

In addition to acquiring the skill of playing a musical instrument, studies have shown that  musical lessons may enhance intelligence and academic achievement, build self-esteem and improve discipline. 


I look forward to meeting you and sharing my decades long love of Classical and Contemporary music with you.



Dmitry Yablonsky
​Conductor and cellist

President of Puigcerda Festival

This Summer Master Class Course  for young musicians is an opportunity for both national and international young talents to deepen their learning, and expand their professional and personal background.


It offers new experiences and an excellent preparation in which the student will face different challenges of artistic achievement such as contests, concerts, recitals, and graduation.


In this course, students will spend time with other musicians who may have similar interests. It will be an opportunity to get to know other cultures, customs, and languages as well. The course will involve some days of concentrated study, but with the added attraction of the natural surroundings of La Cerdanya that is so conducive to inspiration. 


At the same time, through our free concerts and the opportunity to sit in classes as listeners, we wish to spark an interest in classical music in the youth of Puigcerdà to awaken their artistic abilities and generate a desire to continue professional studies.


The Summer Master Class Course is supported by the collaboration of the Diputació de Girona and the Puigcerdà town council for concerts.

Artists and Staff